Advanced Lessons

These Russian language learning materials are suitable for advanced level students.

Russian Shopping: A Nervous Buyer

Russian Shopping: A Nervous Buyer

In this scene you can hear a lot of Russian idioms and etiquette elements. Also you can hear some sports vocabulary. Moreover, you can see how a polite question addressed to an unknown person changes first into persistent and then into a demanding one. And if you have mastered all these language nuances, just enjoy watching these wonderful actors, especially Sergey Bekhterev’s brilliant performance who plays a nervous buyer. By the way, do you recognize yourself in this character?.. 

Language of Russian Schoolchildren: A Schoolboy and a Robot

Language of Russian Schoolchildren: A Schoolboy and a Robot

In this conversation a robot called Elektronik resembles you a little, dear learners of Russian. Firstly, because Elektronik’s style of speech is a bit formal. By contrast Syroyezhkin speaks very colloquial and adequate language typical for school children. Secondly, Elektronik doesn’t understand many idioms and as a result Syroyezhkin has to either interpret his own words or use basic vocabulary. This fragment of one of he most popular films for children is full of useful and expressive phrases.

Russian Criminal Investigations: An Informal Interrogation of a Shady Tradesperson

Chyornyy Princ

You will learn new expressive elements of Russian vocabulary. Notice how differently two people from different backgrounds sound in terms of word usage and intonation. Colonel Zorin uses formal and law vocabulary, but at the same time his intonations are of an average person coming from a village. In Danik’s speech city slang elements are combined with criminal slang in a peculiar way. Their conversation is a complicated duel of two rivals who respect each other.

Russian Criminal Investigations: An Interrogation of a Jewellery Salesperson


You will see an example of a first person narrative with expressive figures of speech of the Russian language and with stylized speech elements. Mirkin’s speech is a speech of a well-read young man, who is familiar not only with the language of philosophers but also with the language of criminals. He decorates his speech with vintage speech elements, and it might cause understanding difficulties for non-native speakers. Investigator Znamenskiy is an example of a great professional listener.