How to Use Advanced Russian Lesson?

Russian through Film

Each lesson is a learning material that consists of video, anotation, subtitles, script and vocabulary

Lessons with scripts and thorough language commentaries will help you improve your listening skills, understand colloquial words and phrases used in everyday speech, enlarge your vocabulary, and get to know the Russian culture better. 

The subtitles are as detailed as possible except for the fact that numeral adjectives in the subtitles are written as figures. 

In the scripts all the words that have more than one syllable and do not contain the letter “ё” are marked with the stress. We would like to remind you that “ё” is always stressed.

You can open vocabulary article by clicking a link in a script. Besides, you can view the full list of speech elements referring to a particular script, where all the elements are given in the order of their appearance in a script. From a script you can open only the elements that are necessary for working with a particular script. The full alphabetical list of the elements taken from the whole website can be viewed by choosing Vocabulary in the Navigation menu.

In annotation you will find a short description of a film clip and some general information about the film. 

Practice your listening skills, pay attention to intonation and articulation. Don’t get upset if you can’t understand some phrases from the first time. Repeat the sentences after the speakers as if they were mantras. Imagine that tomorrow you have to dub the film.