Russian Criminal Investigations: An Interrogation of a Jewellery Salesperson

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You will see an example of a first person narrative with expressive figures of speech of the Russian language and with stylized speech elements. Mirkin’s speech is a speech of a well-read young man, who is familiar not only with the language of philosophers but also with the language of criminals. He decorates his speech with vintage speech elements, and it might cause understanding difficulties for non-native speakers. Investigator Znamenskiy is an example of a great professional listener. He appreciates Mirkin as a story teller, but doesn’t allow him to shift from the topic. The manner of his speech varies from trustworthy to official. This learning material with Russian idioms, conversational Russian phrases, and a script with accent marks is based on an episode from a cult detective series, where Alexander Kaidanovsky’s performance is somewhere in between genius and insanity.