Language of Russian Schoolchildren: A Schoolboy and a Robot

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In this conversation a robot called Elektronik resembles you a little, dear learners of Russian. Firstly, because Elektronik’s style of speech is a bit formal. By contrast Syroyezhkin speaks very colloquial and adequate language typical for school children. Secondly, Elektronik doesn’t understand many idioms and as a result Syroyezhkin has to either interpret his own words or use basic vocabulary. This fragment of one of he most popular films for children is full of useful and expressive phrases. This material is difficult but if your desire to master Russian is as strong as Eletronik’s desire to become a human, you will succeed. Enjoy this learning material.

Note: Two words in this film fragment do not seem to be used appropriately. We do not recommend you to use “обштопаешь” and “законно” in your speech.