Presenting Russian Colloquial Phrases in Context

Submitted by Rus4me on 12 July, 2013 - 15:54, in: Using Russian Lessons.

Modern teachers of Russian as a foreign language believe that it is much more efficient to remember speech elements in context, rather than learn separate words in their initial form. Instead of learning one Russian word and trying to change its form according to a complicated rule, you should remember phrases or speech elements, where a word is already given to you in the right form.

The goal of Rus4me is to choose really useful speech elements for the learners of Russian. Russian films are a great source of everyday life conversations on various topics. On our website we carefully choose film fragments that are useful in terms of language, and support each of them with subtitles and a script. From these conversations we pick out speech elements that are worth learning or paying attention to.

We support each of the speech element with commentaries that are different from the ones you can find in dictionaries, since they do not overload you with too much information about all the meanings of a particular word or phrase, including some very rare cases of this word usage. We want to explain what this element of speech means in this particular context, so that learners of Russian will be able to use this element of speech adequately in an appropriate real life situation.

Rus4me is a good replacement of a private teacher who carefully chooses those Russian words and phrases that will help you to speak like Russians really do.